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GVP is bringing to market the world’s largest composite high-pressure cylinders, enabling sizeable and efficient long-distance CNG, H2 and CO2 deliveries. 

GVP’s cylinders vs state-of-the-art:
⦁    Transport more hydrogen (lower tare weight with bigger inner volume)
⦁    Has significantly longer service life because big cylinder can be repaired from inside (unique design enables entry through a manhole) 
⦁    Provides lower levelized cost of ownership

GVP’s innovative technology allows: 
⦁    Fast loading / unloading time (high temperature delta resistance) 
⦁    Better efficiency (more delivered mass of H2 and minimized residual H2 pressure) 
⦁    Durability (welded metal-to-metal neck connection)
⦁    Production of all types of cylinders dimensions (from very small to ultra-large cylinders)
⦁    Possibility for transportation of various industrial gases (H2 / CO2 / CNG, etc.)

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