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GVP's cylinders were subjected to a pressure of 722 bar
and remained undamaged.

In February 2024 GVP has reached a significant achievement in the progress of our cylinder approval process. 

During a hydraulic test, which was done in accordance with ISO 17519 Standard, our cylinders were subjected to a pressure of 722 bar and the cylinders remained undamaged. 

This successful test outcome demonstrates the capability of our cylinders to operate safely at a working pressure of 300 bar, with a safety factor of 2.4. 

The test was conducted under the supervision of experts from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), certification company Regola Team and the Italian Ministry of Transportation. Their involvement underscores the thoroughness and credibility of the technology evaluation process, ensuring that the test meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

This achievement not only provides technical de-risking of our technology but also confirms that cylinders produced using GVP's technology are reliable for the transportation of compressed gas at 300 bar. 

It is a testament to the reliability and resilience of the GVP’s technology and marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards innovation and safety in gas transportation.

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