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World's Largest Innovative Pressure Vessels


Enabling efficient and competitive

transportation of industrial gases


Gas Vessel Production Ltd (GVP) is a European based Engineering and Production company focused on the manufacturing and commercialization of the world’s largest high pressure cylinders.


Our products allow for the efficient storage and transportation of industrial gases including Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Hydrogen (H2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other.

Industrial pressurized gases can be transported via specialized ships or containers via marine, road and rail transport.

GVP originated from the EU H2020 GasVessel Project

which developed the innovative Marine Virtual Pipeline technology.


We work across the following sectors:

  • Oil & Gas

  • Renewable Energy

  • Clean Mobility

  • Industrial manufacturing 

GVP Has developed solutions to transport:

  • CNG by ship/containers from off-shore gas fields to on-shore infrastructure

  • Hydrogen from production sites to use locations

  • CO2 from point of source to storage or use locations

Our newer products aim to carry high pressure H2 or CO2 and can be custom designed to our client’s needs.

GVP is the producer of 2.4m diameter and up to 28m in length Pressure Vessels (PVs).

One PV in 40ft container has 40m3 water volume and can carry 13300m3 of CNG at 300Bar.



Oksana Pilatova


Chemistry graduate and multi-decades experience within Dow Chemical as Business, Regional and Government Markets Leader. Deep knowledge of broad industrial markets, sustainability technologies including emissions reduction, energy efficiency and hydrogen. applications. Long-time experience with multinational consortia and breakthrough technologies development. Proven expertise in aligning and developing strategy, growth targets and profitability goals for new markets. Deep knowledge of advanced materials and performance chemicals products and technologies. 


Giovanni Fratti


Giovanni has multiannual experience and expertise in high pressure gases technologies, composite materials and production technologies, Pressure Vessels manufacturing and shipbuilding. Giovanni graduated in mechanical and naval engineering at the University of Trieste, Italy. He headed the Quality Control and of the R&D department at the Faber IndustrieSpA and later SIAI srl. He developed a new production process for the manufacture of high-pressure composite cylinders. Deep and broad multi-discipline industrial expertise, team leadership, establishing and leading manufacturing plants, start-ups and European Projects.


Boris Todorov


Boris is responsible for Hydrogen projects investments. Boris is a graduate of New York University’s Stern School of Business and of IMD’s Leadership program. Boris gained his broad financial markets expertise while working in New York, for investments banks including JP Morgan, and later on in Moscow where he was last a Senior Managing Director at Sberbank responsible for structured financing, capital and investment transactions. Boris is managing structuring of activities, investments and commercialization of the innovative technologies.

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